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Travel tips for European countries. Finland

Travel tips for European countries. Finland

About the country

Finland is a country of islets, streams and Jungles. The modern capital of Finland is Helsinki, full of museums and galleries. In summer, the sun never descends here
in winter.


In Finland, congratulate the locals for their handshake. People here are pretty safe and easy to open. Leave your shoes behind the house when you are home. It is
common to wait until the toast on the table. The host raises the toaster by saying “chef” or “debt”. Most people look random.


Finnair is a Finnish national airline. Other airlines operating in Finland include Air France, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, American Airline, British Airways, KLM,
Switzerland, Lufthansa and United. The main airport in Finland is Helsinki Airport. It is 19 km from the city, and the airport is a 25-minute drive away. Finnair
offers buses for passengers. There are also taxis and hotel buses. The services offered by the airport include duty-free shops, car rental, a bank, hotel reservation
service, a conference room, a restaurant and a multimedia center. In addition to Helsinki Airport, there are 22 other airports and blue. 1 is a national airline
operating in Finland. Airlines offer cheap deals. A short story proposal will be very helpful.

If you decide to go to sea, ferry services and main ports are Naantali, Vaasa and Turku. These ferries are connected to Rostock, Cape, Grisslehamn and Travemünde. Some
cruises offer small cabins with meals that are kept on board at night.

It is also possible to get to St. Petersburg and Moscow trains. All trains are clean and very comfortable. Vehicles in Finland are also working. This is a great
opportunity to enjoy the view. Take advantage of the unlimited offer of Inter-Rail Pass or Eurailpass train travel. There are suggestions for seniors and children,
check them out.

While traveling on the road, there is a chance of finding a deer or deer. In such cases, the police should be notified immediately. For minor reasons, speakers should
be avoided. Keep your car right. Gas stations accept credit cards. Be sure to follow the laws of safety belts and drinks while driving. Additional precautions should
be taken if the chassis is taken. The national driving license and the International Driving License and car insurance must always be with you. The bus service is also
available and even connects to remote locations. Taxis can be rented at the airport and train stations, and here are the features. Visit the agents in Helsinki for car
rental services.

Duty Free Products

1. 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco or 100 cigarettes
2. 50 g of perfume and 250 ml of toilet.
3. Less than 22% by volume of alcoholic beverages of 2 liters. Or 1 liter of alcoholic beverages with a volume greater than 22%, 2 liters of sparkling wine and 16
liters of beer
4. The essence of 100 g of tea or 40 g of extract and tea and the essence of 500 g of coffee or 200 g of extract or coffee

Tobacco and alcohol can be transported to people over 18 years of age. Agricultural and food products should be avoided. Certain medicines require treatment to be
approved. Firearms and sharp objects are strictly prohibited.

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