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Tour to knowledge an exhilarating adventure in Tagaytay, Philippines

Tour to knowledge an exhilarating adventure in Tagaytay, Philippines

The Philippines is an attractive Asian country with many natural and artificial attractions. The most popular place is its capital, Manila. Manila in the bay. It stretches for tens of kilometers and “Big Manila” is a complex conglomerate of seven satellites of the city. A dozen young people, each with their own characteristic image. The city has more than 680 square kilometers and is divided into several districts.

Intramurals in the old town of the capital, tourists can find walls of the fortress of the sixteenth century. What length reaches a few kilometers. Tourists can visit art galleries, restaurants, museums and aquariums. The city’s fortress survived the brutal bombing in 1945, including the Cathedral of Manil against the fortress. St. Augustine’s Cathedral, the oldest stone church, a neighboring museum of religious art in the former convent of the Augustans. Casa Museo de Manila, a shopping center and many colonial buildings. Preserves and gives adult tourists a handful of fun places.

Rizal Park recognizes the planetarium, the concert halls, the pavilion with orchids, the butterfly park and the Filipino heroes. Hermitage area “tourist belt” of the city, hotels concentrated in the capital. Restaurants and trendy bars scattered in downtown Manila and in remote places. It is interesting to see the Malate Church, the Robinson Place lane, Harrison Plaza Square in front of the Rizal Memorial Stadium. The National Museum of the country offers a rich collection of geology, biology, ethnography and history of the country.

Macao is the financial center of the country. The views of this region can include many skyscrapers. Quezon City invites tourists to see the Capitol, the Colosseum and the charming zoo. In Caloocan City you will see the only train station in the Philippines.

South of Manila is the picturesque Tagaytay mountain range, where tourists admire the national park. The only Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world. Banahao cult series of the locals. The magnificent Basilica of St. Martin Turco is considered a national treasure in Thal. Nearby, at the foot of the Making volcano, is the famous Hidden Valley. Many craters with hot mineral water, waterfalls, hundreds of hot springs and luxurious vegetation.

Vulcano Thal

The smallest volcano in the world and the famous icon of Tagaytay. By visiting this natural wonder, visitors can enjoy a wonderful crater experience in a tranquil lake.

Picnic Grove

On the road to Aguinaldo, a few minutes from several Tagaytay hotels, Picnic Grove is an important place of entertainment. The visitor can walk to a mini park or walk around. Explore a place to sunbathe in the panoramic view of the surroundings. If you want to try a zip line from 250 meters to 300 feet. The Tagaytay Ridge cable car and cable car are in the range. Visit the place during the weekdays, these are the perfect days when few people visit the place.

Flower farm

Lost in the magic of the landscape and enjoy the tranquility of nature in the colorful farm in Barangay Guinhawa. Spend time in the garden planting flowers and herbs to rediscover and appreciate the wonders of nature.



If you travel with your children, do not miss Paradizoo. Thematic farm of 10 hectares and a zoo that offers a variety of activities and interesting attractions. The place is home to a wide variety of farm animals that grow grass and plants that grow in the field.

People park in the sky

This park is defined as the Palace of Paradise and is located in one of the highest points of Tagaytay. This building is an unfinished guest house of former President Ferdinand Marcos. Nowadays, a popular tourist attraction offers spectacular views of Tahal volcano and Laguna Bay. At the entrance of the park you can find many souvenir shops and fruit stands. This excellent location is very close to the city.

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