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Tourism in Ontario

Tourism in Ontario


Ontario is only of the southern province/state for Canada. It is the most populated province, with 40% of the population of Canada living here. It is also a famous historic city with a wide range of attractions, tourist sites and travel opportunities.


One of the most important natural landmarks of the province, which is known as Ontarios, is obviously the Niagara Falls. Millions of tourists come to see this attraction and walk through magnificent landscapes every year. Niagara Falls consist of three waterfalls that flow into the area. Together they form the highest flow of each North American waterfall. It is impressive, beautiful and useful for recreation and industry.


Another “must see” here is the CN Tower, one of the most famous in the world. It is 553 meters high, it is illuminated at night and can be seen from all corners of the city. The view from the Tower is incredible, considering the whole city and the lake.


Tourists also love exploring provincial and national parks. In the southern part of the province you can travel through the deep forests of Algonquin, the French River, the provincial parks of Killarney, the national park Bruce Peninsula and others.


Ontario is known not only for its nature but also for its museums. The Royal Museum in the city center is one of the largest museums with scientific exhibitions and the natural history of the world. The Ottawa National Gallery, which is also famous, contains the masterpieces of popular artists. This part of Canada also has an Art Gallery, which is prestigious abroad, as it hosts incredible collections of African and oceanic art.


One of the attractions is Wonderland, which is 30 miles northwest of downtown Toronto. It is a huge park that offers various attractions and climbers. Children love the park of dinosaurs and water parks, as well as the concerts usually seen during the summer.


The area is also known for the Muskoka, which is located around Lake Muskoka and several other popular lakes. It is full of villas, resorts and marinas. Tourists, as well as locals, usually spend their holidays here, near rocky shores and pine trees.

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