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Travel tips for European countries: United Kingdom

Travel tips for European countries: United Kingdom

About County

The United Kingdom, also known as England or Great Britain, is a country that once controlled the world almost a few years ago. Glory could have been lost, but people
are still proud of their country and heritage. He is far from a colonial empire to an EU member. The country contains majority of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern
Ireland. The country is full of picturesque places and vibrant cities. In addition, the county has almost two million heritage sites. The capital of the United Kingdom
is London. A city without comparison, representing itself as a symbol of diversity with people of different races, beliefs and all aspects of life that are
intertwined. He also lives in many architectural wonders and one of them is the London Bridge. Although York and Durham have appeared in the past, Liverpool and
Newcastle are modern industrial wonders. Not forgetting the picturesque lake district and Edinburgh still attracts people from all over the world.

Population and languages

The population is about 61 million, and the official language is English. Other regional languages ​​include Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Irish.


The voltage is 230-240 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The plug used is a rectangular knife.

Geographical location

It is found in Western Europe and consists of islands with the sixth part of Northern Ireland. It is 22 miles from the border with France and is connected by a tunnel
under the sea. The area is mostly rolling in lowlands and low mountains.


It has an average climate, but a lot of rain, about half a year of turbidity. The lowest temperatures never fall below -15 ° C (5 ° F), and the summer maximum is 34 °
C (93.2 ° F). It also receives snow in winter and early spring.

Local customs

The click of a hand is common when you meet someone for the first time. When you go home, there are simple gifts like flowers or chocolates. One of the labels is
waiting until everyone is served before eating. Tips are usually 10-15% for hotels, restaurants and taxis. Smoking and non-smoking areas are clearly marked and should
be supervised.

Places to visit

London – Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Whitehall Palace and London Tower
Scotland – Bannockburn Heritage Center and Ben Lawers Mountains
Wales – Aberdulais water Falls, Arthur King”s Labyrinth, Gold Mine of Dolaucothi , Prominent Orme Mine, Portmeirion countryside, Rhossili tourist Center, Taff Valley
Activity Center and TechinQuest


By Air: Domestic airlines are British Airways, which also connect almost all major locations in the world. Almost all airlines connect the United Kingdom via London,
which is the center of all international flights from east to west and west to east. Heathrow and Gatwick are international London airports.

Sea: Since the UK is surrounded by almost all water, it has many ports. There are many ferry services that operate between Europe and the United Kingdom.

By train: trains connect ferries to Dundee, Folkestone, Newhaven, Portsmouth and Weymouth, which fly through Belgium, France, Germany and Spain (need to enter Victoria
Station in London); and Harwiche, flying through Germany, the Netherlands and Scandinavia (you must go to Liverpool Street). The Eurostar train connects London with
Brussels and Paris via a tunnel tunnel.

Roads: Vehicles can get to the UK via a tunnel tunnel. Cars and motorbikes, buses, minibuses, caravans, cabins and other vehicles with a height of more than 1.85 m
(6.07 ft) can also use the channel tunnel. Bicycles are also provided.

Duty Free Products
1. Up to 3200 cigarettes.
2. 400 cigarettes or 200 cigars.
3. 1 liter of alcohol at 22% or 2 liters of wine or 32 liters of beer
4. Perfume
5. Gifts up to ₤ 145

Prohibited Items
Medicines, rifel or pistol, bullets, weapons, mostly meat and dairy products, eggs, plants, endangered species, fireworks and alcoholic beverages that contain more
than sixty percent of alcohol.

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