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15 things you shouldn’t do in Japan

15 things you shouldn’t do in Japan

If you are planning to visit Japan, there are some things you need to know. Get to know the basic Japanese cultural practices to make your journey enjoyable. In addition, they are unlikely to get into trouble. There are things you should not do based on Japanese culture.

Don’t go home with your shoes.

Are you used to walking in your home shoes? Well, you can get trouble if you do it in Japan. Before going home, there is a special place to store your shoes. In addition, there are slippers upon arrival for guests.

2. Do not shout on the train.

Trains in Japan are very common. However, people pulled on trains do not make noise. They are always silent. If you have to talk to someone, do it calmly. If you need to listen to music, use headphones.

3. Do not use the phone on trains.

As mentioned above, Japanese people do not like noise on trains. You can rarely find someone using the phone to call a train. If you need to use your phone, send a message or speak quietly to avoid paying attention to others.

4. Don’t eat on trains.

Japanese do not eat when traveling to the nearest trains. Drinking a drink is good if the train is not overcrowded. However, long-distance trains are allowed to eat and drink. Food and drinks are also sold on these trains.

5. Do not forget to remove the bath slippers.

When you arrive in Japan you will notice that only slippers are worn when going to the bathroom. These shoes are easy to see because they have certain words or images. Always remember to remove them when you enter your home or walk on the streets.

6. Don’t use anyone

While it is common for someone after excellent service in many cultures, Japan is an exception. No matter how satisfied you are with your services, they never accept advice. In fact, someone will come to run after you, coming back!

7. Don’t ignore someone you talk to

If you speak to a Japanese person, always be calm and attentive. It may seem to be captive and rough if you just don’t show that you understood the point. When you speak, show your attention by answering.

8. Don’t shoot everything

Although Japan is a beautiful country, you are not allowed to shoot everywhere. It is advisable to always ask for something before shooting. He must be given permission to photograph in museums, temples and temples.

9. Don’t hug anything you know

The collar is common in Western countries. However, this is not the case in Japan. You can’t accept someone else you meet on the streets of Tokyo. Most older people do not like the habit. If you want to hug someone, better know your age group and if they are happy.

10. Do not eat or drink while walking.

Rarely is Japanese eating or drinking walking. Even on streets with food stalls, they will always find a place to sit. Now you know how to behave when you are on the streets of Japan to stay abroad.

11. Don’t get one handed gift.

When you receive a Japanese gift or business card, use both hands and visit. Then say thank you. When you receive the gift, do not open until the person who gave it has left.

12. Do not throw junk at random

Another thing that can be difficult to get used to is how to deal with garbage. Many cities in the world have many cans of rubbish, but Japanese cities are different. People are encouraged to carry the trash bin until they find a place to dispose of it.

13. Do not stop saying “thank you”

The word “gracias” is valued in Japan. Find out how to say it after it was served at a hotel or shop. Meet the way you respect Japan. You should always lean and thank when you meet old people.

14. Do not write the person’s name in red ink

In Japan, “good to say goodbye” is written in red ink, but not in the person’s name. The Japanese consider him disobedient. Therefore, if you have to write your Japanese friend’s name, you will know what color to avoid.

15. Don’t be shy

Typically, tourists ask for help from the locals. When you arrive in Japan, don’t be shy or afraid to ask for something. They are very friendly and cooperative. Even when you accidentally forget something, come back, because nobody will accept it.

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