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How to Plan a Game Safari in South Africa

How to Plan a Game Safari in South Africa

When plan a hunting trip anywhere, you need to consider many factors, such as the appropriate stations game you want to make hunt plan , the different weapons and hunting hoops you want to use, and the stations that are connected to it. Overnight accommodations in the appropriate shelters or, if desired, camping trips in hunting gardens with awards. And finally, the permissions required for the big game, if necessary.

The hunting season comes when it is wet and dry, so hunting is very different because of the appearance of the trough. In both cases, different hunting styles can be used. Some hunters would like to use a bow, but this would eliminate the possibility of hunting large, thick skin animals such as elephant, black and white rhinoceros, crocodile, and so on. While some provinces do not allow archery shooting, northern fur is one of those who do. Usually the bows are more often used when animals gather around the trough, because it is easier to shoot close to where the bow is more effective.

Automatic guns are not allowed to be hunted in South Africa, nor are there weapons using edge ammunition.22 or smaller caliber ammunition. Hunting with guns other than birds is prohibited. The minimum legal caliber that can hunt a dangerous game in South Africa is 375, and it is also available for many big (dangerous) games, you have to use other larger calibrators. Always remember to always use the highest quality ammunition.

When it comes to permits, farm owners get permission to hunt for their characteristics. There are spices that are classified as threatening or protected and permits can be obtained accordingly. The rules for hunting these animals apply to species included in the 2004 \ t The Biodiversity Act and classified accordingly.

Danger of extinction: Tsessebe, black witches, mountain zebras, African wild dog, Oribi

Vulnerable: Cheetah, Monkey Samango, Bontebok, Roan Antelope, Suni, Leopard, Blue Duiker

Protected: white rhinoceros, black tubers, spotted hens, black legs cats, brown hyena, serval, elephant, Sharpe grysbok, Reedbuck, Cape fox.

Hunting in southern Africa has always been very popular, only in the rest of the world, maybe even more. Large climate changes and a wide variety of spices offer hunting all year round. But even more, the beautiful landscapes that hunting is a valuable experience, even if the trophy you are looking for comes out of you.

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