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Obstacles to travel outside the country

Obstacles to travel outside the country

Traveling beyond the country seems interesting and interesting. However, the obstacles associated with our emotions are unexpected. Start with the Immigration Service
at the airport and embassy, ​​where we thoroughly examine how we can visit a particular country.

With their experience they have almost left me in immigration. They held me for almost 2 hours at the embassy. They were very important for tourists. But I understand
your protocol, especially those who are leaving and entering. Imagine that the money shown should be no more than $ 10,000. Better than my goal was to research.
However, all my laptop files, as well as Facebook messages and my emails, were still scanned. The good thing that happened was that they were fascinated by my job with
confidence, because I could study outside the country, even if I couldn’t physically visit them. I was very afraid they would leave me at the airport because I missed
a lot during this trip. My God, I did not sleep for 3 nights because I need direct money to cover my plane tickets, hotel accommodation and food, not to mention that I
buy enough US dollars. You will have doubts about my ability to maintain my presence in Malaysia.

But after many immigration, I felt very happy because I can now go to any part of the world as a scientist and writer without any problems. I could show them their
credibility and identity that nothing could be done if you put your thoughts on what you were doing.

I never think that when you leave the country you will become nothing. You make a great contribution to the changes that are especially important in the lives of the
surrounding people. Many people become successful because they can overcome all the chances of their dreams. Accept and apply changes! It makes no sense to spend your
days talking about what you have been before. This will prevent you from creating a successful and meaningful life.

If you spend too much talking about your ideas, gathering information, reading, studying, attending seminars, and listening to what everyone else says, and not all the
practice to make your life a reality, you must fail. ,

When you are purposive to do what you need, no one can break you. It depends on self-confidence, perseverance and hard work.

Never stop, bring valuable goals. Go talk and apply all the learning and knowledge you need to make the events happen and remember your life.

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