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Odyssey – Oman

Odyssey – Oman

Oman was born after I was released from a contract in Kazakhstan. I sat for a couple of months on my ass and sat down to get back to the chair. As happiness, there would be another opportunity.

Another option is to be a Quality Manager throughout the country in Saudi Arabia, which would mean that one year the whole country will make a one-month holiday after 12 months of work, renewable. On the other hand, the Oman project has developed and upgraded the quality management system in a facility that specializes in the production of oil well pipes, which changes viscosity and increases the efficiency and profitability of regeneration. This would take 5 weeks to 2 weeks over 6 months, and the money was better.

The Saudi Arabian pipeline would mean living. If the client was Saudi Aramco, I wouldn’t want to participate because I had experience with them as a company that I don’t want to repeat.

I weighed the pros and cons between the two options and had a small problem on the Oman side of the country where I wasn’t working before. So I think my choice was right, even though I finished just 5 months. From 6 months due to the slowdown in oil and gas activities, and one year later, I was looking for another contract that has not been completed so far.

As usual in these situations, logistics, moving me to the workplace, depended on all the international travel and logistics whims of the destination, but after both parties signed the contract, I went to another project.

Muscat is the capital of Oman and came from Cape Town via Doha, Qatar. My arrival was simply a normal processing through passport control and then a visitor’s visa purchase. The hotel driver took me to the baggage claim and drove me about 30 minutes to the hotel. As late as the evening, I signed up and went to my room and bed without any extra equipment.

The next day I took a taxi to the office, where I collected my instructions for the work I had and the rental car that was supposed to be my vehicle. I have to say that it was a nice Nissan berlus, which proved to be a very comfortable trip. After the information note, the project manager and I went to the place where the factory was located so that we could understand what was needed. Getting out of the vehicle, I first encountered a 50 degree C hot Oman sun. The rest of the day was pretty fast with regular presentations, office appointments, and a 80 km journey back to Muscat, where my hotel was.

I finished my job in the next 5 months with rotation 5 and 2 until it stopped in 2015. December due to external economic factors in oil and gas.

So the work in Oman was such that I had to use my experience and skills developed over 30 years of similar work. Having completed my client satisfaction job, I had a pleasant work experience, but also a beautiful Arab show like Oman, in my opinion, this is the best and friendliest Arab country I worked for, a magical place where I would recommend to anyone who wants to try Middle Eastern pleasures .

My short presence in Oman has allowed me to face Muscat’s country, about the distance I had to travel to work, about 160 km back. Other tours were my free will and took me in various directions.

Muscat has many restaurants, mostly Indian cuisine, but there are many immigrant workers who use many of these establishments. However, there are many other cuisine and this is just a matter of finding them. Most of the food is very good and, like everywhere, you have to cut the fabric according to your needs. You can have a drink in the hotel’s bars, and the nightlife is as bright as the rest of the world.

The Oman field is mostly in the desert with vegetation patches during the break. Summer heat is amazing 50 degrees. C. The road system is great, remembering that Omans is just a small country. Driving is very different from the other Middle East, at best it is chaotic, though organized. These are driving skills that are lacking.

In my short time, I met good people in Oman, saw great places to see, I was moved to time

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