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Tourist places of Marrakech in Morocco

Tourist places of Marrakech in Morocco

Marrakech is the third largest city in Morocco, with more than one million inhabitants. The city was established in the 11th century by Yusuf ibn-e-Tashfin. Today, Marrakech has become one of the favorite tourist destinations that has received many travelers who spend their holidays in Morocco.

Marrakech has become a wonderful cultural center, bringing together the civilizations of Islam and Andalusia. This has resulted in architectural elements and exceptional models, numerous famous philosophers and authors and a wonderful city that receives thousands of tourists in Morocco every year.

The land of God or Marrakech, as its name indicates Amazeeg, was the capital of the Almoravid dynasty. That is why the city has many Islamic monuments and fortifications. When the French seized the 20th century. Originally Moroccan control, the French authorities paid close attention to Marrakech. There are many French establishments that have survived Marrakech and have surprised tourists from all over the world to enjoy their trips to Morocco.

Today, we would like to highlight some of the most famous tourist events in Marrakech that travelers who spend their holidays in Morocco usually visit.

Souk of Medina

The souk of Medina is the main market of Marrakech. Located in an ancient area with many monuments and historical sites, the Medina Souk has a wonderful combination of narrow bands, colors, wonderful fragrances and various herbs. It is highly recommended for tourists who visit Morocco to explore Medina Souk.

Many tourists who travel to Morocco visit this market to buy traditional Moroccan gifts and souvenirs, including traditional Moroccan shoes, perfumes, leather goods, herbs and many other wonderful products.

Almorávides dome

Almoravids Dome is actually the oldest monument in Marrakech. This magnificent dome was built in the sixteenth century. Ali ibn during the management of Yusuf. The Almoravid Palace is usually included in several Moroccan travel packages.

Although the layout and design from the outside are quite simple, the dome is very fun from the inside. The interior part of the dome is distinguished by its exclusive stone finish, one of the most outstanding architectural features of the Almoravid dynasty. Some tourists who visit Morocco are interested in learning more about the civilization of the Almoravid dynasty.

The dome is a rare example of Almoravid architecture, largely damaged by the Almohad dynasty, which later controlled this region of the country. This is the main reason why many tourists who travel to Morocco are interested in visiting it.

Majorelle Garden

A great place to explore Marrakech is the Majorelle Garden. Here you will find fertile soil with many trees and plants, including palm trees and cactus. This garden returns to the 20th century. Medium, when for health reasons the famous French artist Jack Majorelle visited Moroccos.

Majorelle has released many paintings to reflect life in Marrakech. That is why travelers traveling to Morocco visit the garden to enjoy the natural landscape, mingle with the taste of French art and the way they saw the life and architecture of Moroccos.

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