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Taipei Taiwan travel guide for beginners

Taipei Taiwan travel guide for beginners

If you are planning a trip to Taiwan for the first time, it is worth visiting some places to take advantage of your trip. Although there are some beautiful and
historical sites, this is my personal favorite of Taipei travel. If you plan your vacation in Taipei, feel free to use it as a personal Taipei travel guide.

Taipei 101
Our trip to Taipei begins in Taipei 101. It is a skyscraper located in the Xinyi district. 2004 It was placed in the tallest building in the world with a height of
1,671 feet. He held this title for 6 years until the Burj Khalifa of Dubai 2010. Darkened by Taipei 101. The tower has 101 floors and a 91-story open-air observation
platform, such as the Empire State Building in New York, where you can see Beautiful views of the surroundings.

The five floors of Taipei 101 have a luxury shopping center with high-end stores such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton. At the 88th floor observatory you can see a 730
ton weight suppressor, essentially a huge ball that acts like a pendulum to resist the big buildings built by the wind. In addition to this silencer, people on high
floors can suffer from dizziness due to constant building changes! Taipei 101 is an icon of the city that can be seen in kilometers from the city. Each new year,
Taipei 101 draws tens of thousands of visitors to see its spectacular fireworks.

Ximending purchases
If you’re buying, Ximending can not go wrong. It is a commercial area in the Wanhua district of Taipan and is considered the capital of Taiwanese fashion. On weekends,
Ximending streets are closed to traffic and become a pedestrian mall. The location is popular among all types of street performers, so because it is an access point,
you can celebrate that there are small outdoor concerts, albums and other events.

Ximending is also famous for Theater Street, where there are many movies on Wuchang Street. The most famous district theater for history lovers is the Red House
Theater, built in 1908. During the Japanese occupation, there is still an operatic theater with regular performances.

Yangmingshan National Park
If you expect beautiful images when you travel, then I can not recommend Yangmingshan. This is the largest natural park in Taipei. Yangmingshan is ideal for walks and
trails that can last all day or a few hours. The most popular trails include the top of the seven stars, which takes you to the highest peak in Taiwan at 1120 meters
(3,600 feet), or see the impressive cascade of Juansi Falls.

Every February – March Yangmingshan is the site of the Yangmingshan Flower Festival, where many flowers bloom, such as azaleas, camellias and especially cherry
blossoms. Every night of the festival, the cherry blossoms are especially romantic. Visitors can also enjoy lunch and dinner at one of the many restaurants, including
The Top or Grass Mountain Chateau, which offers spectacular views of Taipei.

Between the beauty of the cherry blossoms and the views of the city, Yangmingshan is a romantic place well known to Taipei lovers. From April to May, when the coves
come to bloom, you can choose your lily flower for a few dollars at one of the many flower farms.

Finally, do not miss Yangming Shuwu, also known as Yangming Villa, for the delicious delay of the summer behind the late President Chiang Mai Kai-shek. The Village and
the Gardens of Yangming remain as they were when they were occupied by Mr. And Mrs. Chiang. The house is a traditional two-story Chinese house with reception rooms and
offices on the first floor, and on the second floor, a personal Chiang who still shows his paintings and personal photos. The gardens are particularly beautiful in the
spring when the flowers bloom. As a detail, it was noted that some shrubs are planted in five bushes, which symbolize the 5-star General Chiang.

National Palace Museum
In 1965 we are in Opened in the Museum of the National Palace. If you like history, this is the site to be! The National Palace Museum has 700,000 permanent exhibits
of Chinese Empire history and works of art covering more than 2000 years, and Chinese prehistoric artifacts and works of art that are Neolithic or better known as
“Stone Age”.

The most popular item in their collection is jadeite cabbage. In the 19th century, a carved piece of jade was formed similar to Chinese cabbage, and the leaves contain
a prey and a grasshopper. Legend has it that sculpture is a metaphor for female fertility: the stem of the white cabbage reflects the purity, the green cabbage leaves
show fertility and the insects represent

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