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Turkish Eaters

Turkish Eaters

Turkish cuisine is a great tradition

Have you ever thought about what makes Turkey so unique? No need to order all your food at the same time. You have the option to order two or three courses and then
see if you want to eat more.

In the Turkish tradition, the Turks often choose a rich breakfast, which is a great continuation of the Tolman cuisine.

It is known that each country has its own delicate delicacies that make them unique and make people try them. Here are some Turkish restaurants that complement Turkish

1. The pleasures of Turkeys
• The locals call it Lokum, something that you never tried before.
• It is a combination of crushed dates, pistachios, hazelnuts that are of different colors and flavors for any palate.

2. Iskender Kebab
• Do not leave Turkeys without trying one of the best and most popular Turkish dishes: Iskender Kebab.
• It consists of lambs cut into thin slices, served with traditional Turkish bread, which is very much covered with yoghurt and butter.

3. Manti
• Someone known as “Turkish ravioli” can make any pasta lover crazy. Surprisingly, Turkey has its own version of Ravioli, which is tempting!
• These are small handmade meat stuffed with lamb or veal served with cream yogurt.

4. Baklava
• Sweet and even richer is the famous Turkish dessert Baklava.
• Layered dough layers, finely cut into nuts.
• originated in the Ottoman Empire, this dish is now widely sold on all Turkish streets. It’s a tasty taste.

5. Mezze
• You may not be able to leave the Turkish restaurant without giving Mezze.
• This is a small selection of meals served with drinks, probably before or after a meal.
• It consists of just yogurt, herbs, hummus, grape leaves, meat, eggplant salad and white cheese. It is nothing but it satisfies the eyes and deliciously delicious.

6. Shish Kebab
• A classic dish that can be found in any Turkish restaurant menu.
• Served with wine (chicken, beef or veal) and rice and chips and salads.
• It may be simple, but it tastes like sky.

7. Gozleme
• What is a country without fast food? Nothing
• Gozleme is probably the easiest fast food in the country.
• It is too pancake-like, it’s flat bread, cheese, meat, vegetables and potatoes. Someone will certainly not regret it.

8. Kumpir (Fun Carbohydrate)
• For all potato devotees, Kumpir is a freshen baked potato dish. You may have tried a lot of fried potato dishes, but it is an epic.
• Mixed with lots of cheese and butter. You also have a few options to be with yogurt, ketchup, corn or sausages, olives or Italian salads, but some.

9. Turkish apple tea
• Tea that will taste your taste.
• Fortunately, there is no shortage of this sweet nectar and it is available in all Turkish cafes, restaurants or Turkish homes. This is part of the Turkishs tradition.

10. Dondurma
• Turkish ice cream that looks like normal ice and can even have a normal taste but is not normal.
• The fact that ice cream is unclean causes this ice cream to be unique, which affects chewing.
• If this doesn’t impress you, it is known that Dondurma sellers offer impressive events while playing with ice cream spoons and attracting customers.

11. Simit
• popular Turkishs street food, which is a synthesis of pearl and bagel.
• The cheapest sandwich you will find on the streets of Turkey and you can eat it.
• Usually bread with sesame seeds and can be eaten separately or with jam, cheese or Nutella.

12. Etli Ekmek
• No, you don’t have to imagine life without pizza in Turkey. If you are a pizza lover, Turkey is fine.
• Etli Ekmek is a pizza dish from the city called Konya.
• To sum up Etli Ekmek or Turkish pizza is a very long flat sliced ​​bread with meat, cheese and ingredients.

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