Travel tips for European countries: Ukraine

About County

Located in japanese Europe, state is one amongst the opposite countries within the European region bordering Russia within the north-east, Byelarus within the north, Poland, Slovak Republic and also the West, Balkan nation and Moldavia within the Euxine Sea and south of Azov. i’m a preferred traveller visitant, particularly in touristry from Western Europe and North America. the most point is that the made historical character of the country, with 5 hundred cities that have lived for 9 hundred years. guests ar hidden within the fantastic thing about Ukrainian design. {kiev|Kyyiv|Kiev|capital of the state|capital} is another huge town in Ukraine, wherever most travelers begin their journey.

Population and languages

Ukraine has regarding forty six.7 mln. Residents and also the official language is Ukrainian. The second language spoken is Russian, Romanian, Polish and Hungarian.


Voltage – 220 volts, frequency – fifty cycles/second

Geographical location

Ukraine is in japanese Europe, restrictions within the north-east, Byelarus within the north, Poland, Slovak Republic and Eloeste, Balkan nation and Moldavia within the southwest, moreover as Azov Azov ocean. The strategic position of state between Asia and Europe has become a transport hub within the region.

Local customs

Ukrainians ar heat and hospitable. Usually, casual garments ar used here, though it’s a decent plan to use good agents. little gifts ar valued. Tipping isn’t terribly common; Services ar typically enclosed in wonderful restaurants and building bills.

Interview Places
Sofia Cathedral, 9 centuries previous, is one amongst Ukraine’s field of study wonders.
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Cave Monastery: These caves ar as previous because the eleventh century.
Great flag-waving War deposit
Homeland sculpture, Kiev


Air may be a Ukrainian airline of Airlines International Airlines. In cooperation with Aer Fi cluster and Austrian Airline, it connects Kyyiv with national capital, Barcelona, ??Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Rome, Rotterdam, Vienna and metropolis. In state there’s associate airline otter serving European cities. Lviv Tambiene is connected in ny, Warsaw and Washington. Turkey is connected via Ivano-Frankivsk via Simferopol and also the uk. the most airfield and Boryspil International airfield (KBP) ar twenty-five kilometers from Kyyiv.

Near the ocean, the most ports of state ar Izmail and also the Odessa Danube. Ferry services connect state with Russia and Georgia. They additionally connect many Euxine Sea and Mediterranean cities. metropolis is additionally a port connecting urban center, Turkey.

Railway Dust: state has regarding fourteen,000 miles of railroads connecting most cities. Kyyiv and Lviv ar the most stations connecting daily. state additionally directs lines from Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Warsaw (Poland) and Bucharest (Romania).

Road: state contains a wide network of roads with regarding 107,000 miles of road network, of that regarding eighteen,000 miles ar major or national roads.

Exempt product
1. Up to two hundred cigarettes or fifty cigars or 250 g of tobacco.
2. one cubic decimeter spirit drink and twenty second or a pair of liters of wine or thirty two liters of brew.
3. product for private use with a complete price of EUR two hundred.

Prohibited things
Medicines, rifel or shooting iron, bullets, weapons, most meat and dairy farm product, eggs, plants, species, fireworks and alcoholic beverages that embody activities of the subsequent year.


Travel tips for European countries: Switzerland

About the country

Switzerland is blessed with all the lessons of nature. It is the most desirable tourist visitor of the whole world. The alpine region is largely cold climate, where summer is warmer in the north. Visit Saas Fee to ski and snowboard. A dream of living in real life can have as many complexes as Zermatt and St. Moritz (which is a celebrity resort).


It has three major or official languages like Italian, German and French . There are also many English here. Unpacked flowers must be presented by the host country to show their appreciation. White asters and chrysanthemum flowers are intended for funerals, so care must be taken when giving flowers to others, including avoiding red roses. You can move around in your free time, but it is important that you wear jackets and ties when you visit social gatherings or enjoy an excellent restaurant. The Swiss franc is the currency used here.


Switzerland is famous for its exotic chocolates, the best handmade watches and luxury watches. Other dishes include embroidered linens, music boxes, wood carvings, Swiss cheese and Swiss army knives. Many stores remain closed on Monday, so avoid buying that day. Since all services are subject to a service charge, saving is a matter of free will. 7.6% VAT is charged on all purchases made in Switzerland, which can then be recovered by requesting a global refund check if the purchase exceeds 400 CHF.


The standard current is 230 volts (AC) and 50 Hz.

I go there

The Swiss airline is a Swiss national airline, with a global presence of 71. Zurich is the most popular airport, 11 km from the city. The trains leave every 15 minutes until their destination. Fly-Rail luggage can be purchased if passengers want to collect their luggage at the train station instead of at the airport. When leaving Switzerland, you can use the Fly-Rail luggage service, which allows the passenger to check in at the train station. Other facilities offered here include duty-free shops, banks, restaurants and car rentals. Check out the airports of Geneva, Basel and Bern.

Because the weather is worse in winter, the train is an efficient and cheaper option. They are also excellent if you want to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland. Swiss Pass can be purchased to visit most of Switzerland’s attractions.

High quality roads are managed here. The roads connect with Austria, Germany, Italy and France. But in winter everything can get worse, which facilitates the transport of snow chains and tires. Cars should be kept to the right.

Tax-free products

a) Visitors from European countries

Two hundreds cigarettes or fifty cigars or 250 grams of tobacco
2 liters of alcohol (up to 15%) and 1 liter of alcohol (more than 15%)

b) Visitors from outside Europe.

2 liters of alcohol (up to 15%) and 1 liter of alcohol (more than 15%)

Meat products, drugs and absinthe are strictly prohibited. Other items included in the Prohibited List are firearms and animals.


Travel tips for European countries: Spain

About the country

Spain is famous for its flamenco dancers and dancers. The architecture reflects the Moroccan style. Rock paintings, Renaissance cathedrals, Moorish palaces demonstrate the diversity of the country. Spring, autumn and the beginning of summer are very pleasant here, although the summers are hot.


Spanish is the regional language of Spain. English is also widely spoken here. Over time, Spaniards have become modern, with the gel changing over time and they are no longer conservative. But this did not change the values, traditions, customs and customs of the local population. People have two names here; The first surname can be used to indicate a person. To congratulate someone, a click of the hand will do the job. Tell him a small gift when you go home. Save flowers for special occasions. Dinner is usually kept very late at night. People carry a lot of that. Some restaurants are expected to wear jackets for men. Swimsuits should be limited to swimming pools and beaches. Recently banned smoking in public places.


Shops open fairly early in the morning and stay open late at night. In the afternoon they are closed for lunch or nap. Porcelain and leather products are known and will be a good gift for friends and family at home. Accounts must be paid along with service fees, so theft is a matter of gratitude.


The voltage is 220 volts and the frequency is 50 Hz.

I go there

IBERIA is the Spanish national airline. Many other low cost airlines provide services in the country. There are approximately 30 international airports in Spain, popular for Madrid, Barcelona, ?? Valencia, Alicante and Malaga.
Madrid, 13 km from the city, has a good bus service every fifteen minutes. The metro service also serves to transport passengers to their destinations. Other facilities offered by this airport include duty-free shops, a bank, a restaurant, tourist information and hotel reservations.

Barcelona is very close to the city, only 3 km away. Buses leave every 15 minutes and trains leave every 20 minutes. Taxis are available throughout the day. Here you will find free shops, restaurants, banks, car rental and tourist information.

There is a good road network that connects Spain with the north from the south. Paid cabins are located in some parts of the country. A few costs in euros will help you navigate smoothly in the toll booths. If you drive your own car, it would be better if travel insurance also covered medical expenses. Carrying a kit can be useful.

Tax-free products

1. 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars of 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco (300 cigarettes, 150 cigarettes, 70 cigars and 400 grams of tobacco for EU citizens)
2. 1 liter of spirits with a volume greater than 22%, or 2 liters of alcohol with a maximum volume of 22% and 2 liters of wine (1.5 liters over 22% and 3 liters at 22% and 5% respectively) liters of wine) citizens of the EU)
3. 250 ml of toilet and 50 g of perfume.
4. 500 g of coffee or 200 g of coffee extract (1000 g of coffee and 4000 g of coffee extract for EU citizens)
5. 100 grams of tea or 40 grams of tea extract
6. Gifts of up to € 37.26.


Travel Advice for European Countries: Romania

About Country

It is situated in southeastern Europe, Romania is gradually going out of its poor history circuits. Modern Romania has been merged by joining two major, namely:

In Moldova and Wales, in 1859, formerly ruled by the Ottoman Empire. Romania is bordered by Moldova, Ukraine, the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Serbia, \ t

Montenegro and Hungary. Bucharest is the capital of Romania. Transylvania and Moldova form the northern part of the country. The main attractions in Romania are

Black Sea Coast, Carpathian and Transylvania Mountains. The Black Sea coast is popular for its white sand beaches and offers great family experiences.

The Carpathian Mountains are beautiful and covered with dense forests that offer skiing opportunities. There are also many health centers in Romania. Transylvania is

Popular in Romanian resorts, which were known for their many healing powers. Local cuisine includes cuisine such as cioba de perisoare (meat soup),

Ciorba Tanancasca (meat with vegetables), lamb bors, gibleton soup and various fish soups.

Population and languages

The Romanian population is about 22.5 million, while the official language is Romanian. Other popular languages ??are Hungarian and German.


The voltage is two hundred & thirty V and the frequency is 50 Hertz. The type of plug used is a round plug with coupling and a Schuko plug and a receptacle with side ground contacts.

Geographical location

It is situated in southeastern Europe, boundries the Black Ocean among Bulgaria and Ukraine. Its frontiers Serbia & Hungary to the west, Ukraine and Moldova

To the Northeast and Bulgaria to the South. The Carpathian Mountains cross the Romanian center.


The Romanian climate can be described as moderate and has four seasons. Cool and pleasant in spring and autumn. Summer is very short and hot

July and August Winter can be difficult and cold, from December to March. The finest months to see Romania are May,June,September & October month

Local customs

Hand pressing is a common custom. It is also common to kiss when it is delivered to a woman. Romania is also subject to all normal European customs. Dressing is up

conservative and casual. Smoking is prohibited in public transport and theaters. The Romans love to smoke and therefore like it if you give them away

Cigarettes Tips are from 5 to 10 percent. restaurants, hotels and taxis.

Places to visit

Bucharest: The city of Bucharest, formerly known as East Paris, is a city with cafes, nightclubs and restaurants. He also has Romanian

Opera House and a huge national museum. Historical sites include the House of Parliament, the Old Court Church, and the Athenee Palace Hotel.
Brasov: Areas you shouldn’t miss are Transylvanian castles with bran castle and Rasnov Castle, and you have missed Sighisoara’s views about 90 km from Brasov

Vlad Tepes’s Birthplace.
Romanian Riviera: It is along the Black Sea coast, which is a great tourist attraction. He also lives in several Romanian resorts and resorts known for their healing.



By Air: The Romanian national airline is Tarom. Many popular airlines flying to Bucharest are Air France, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, KLM,

Lufthansa and Switzerland. The largest airport is Bucharest Otopeni Airport, which is 10 miles north of the city.

Sea – Constanta is the main port of the Black Sea. Ferries are not currently in use. However, there are many cruises that stop at various points

Tourist interest, such as Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Basque, Giurgiu, Calafat and Bucharest.

By Train: To Western Europe in Bucharest is an international service that operates only during the summer months, ie from June to September, the name of the train.

The service is Wiener Waltzer.

Duty Free Products
1. Up to 200 cigarettes or 200 grams of tobacco.
2. 200 g of cocoa and 200 g of coffee.
3. Perfumes, medicines and memories.
4. Two cameras, a small video camera, twenty-four cartridges, a portable radio, a TV, a recorder, binoculars and a typewriter.
5. Gifts up to 175 EUR.

Prohibited Items
Can goods, flesh or dairy farm things, medicines, firearms, bullets, weapons, eggs, plants, species, fireworks and alcoholic beverages containing:

More than sixty percent of alcohol.


Travel tips for European countries: Portugal

About the country

Portugal was a world power in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, but in 1755 it was a world power. During the earthquake, the invasion of Napoleon and the independence of Brazil, was reduced to rubles. Share

The Spain and Iberian Peninsula with bordering the Atlantic Ocean in the west and south coasts is famous for its vast and diverse coastline, sunny and beautiful climate

Cities are a heavens for tourists. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.

Ideally, Portugal is that, despite being part of a modern Europe, you can still find rural homes that have been maintained on time and their lives preserved.

traditions Although the modern architectural wonders, such as the multi-storey complexes, are located on the coast in the southern province of the Algarve, in Lisbon, on the west coast

It is a city full of people with many big tourist centers. If you want to return, you should travel a few miles north or east, where you will see a picturesque view.

The town remains similar to medieval towns and cities of previous ages.

Population and languages

The Portuguese population is approximately 10.6 million, and the official language is Portuguese. Mirandese is also the second officially speaking in some

part of portugal.


The voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The type of plug used is a round plug with lock and a Schuko plug and a receptacle with lateral ground contacts.

Geographic location

It is found in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. It shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain to the north and east and borders the Atlantic Ocean both west and west.

on the south coast.

The weather

The Portuguese climate can be divided into two. It is the ocean in the north and in the south of the Mediterranean. It is also one of the warmest countries in Europe. The

the average continental temperature is 13 ° C (55 ° F) north and 18 ° C (64 ° F) south. The summer is hot and dry. The winters are cold and wet. Spring and fall

They are the best seasons to visit Portugal.

Local customs
Convenient sauce is acceptable. But do not forget to bring beachwear in the cities. Smoking is allowed after meals in restaurants. Smoking is not allowed in theaters.

Cinemas and buses. Tips are 10 to 15 percent in a restaurant and hotel and 10 percent in a restaurant.

Places of interest

Castelo de Sao Jorge – San George Castle
Alfama is the oldest part of Lisbon
Sé (cathedral) is the first church in Lisbon
Museum of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Bairro Alto – District of Bairro Alto, historical enclave dating from 1513
Monument to discovery: one of the most popular attractions of Lisbon is the monument on the banks of the Avenida de Brasilia river in the area of ??Belem.

that was meant to commemorate the time of Portuguese discovery
The Tower of Belem is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO
Parque das Nacoes
National Museum of Soares dos Reis – for the famous sculptor Soares dos Reis, born and raised in Porto
Igreja de Sao Francisco
Solar vinho do porto
Vila Nova de Gaia
Frederick Museum of Freit
Cuevas de Sao Vicente
Lift up
Whale museum
Porto Santo
University of Coimbra
Church and Palace of Guimaraes


Air Company – The Portuguese national airline is TAP Air Portugal (TP). The airlines operate direct flights to many places such as Faro, Lisbon and Oporto.

countries, including Canada, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. Portugalia Airlines (NI) operates flights from Europe. Many popular airlines flying to the UK from Poland

British Airways, GB Airways and Monarch Airlines, Easyjet, bmibaby, Jet 2, MyTravellite, Flybe, Flyglobespan and SATA.

The airport is 4.5 km north of the city.

Via sea, the big international traveller ports are Lisbon, Leixes (Oporto), Funchal (Madeira) and Portimão (Algarve), served by Cunard, Italy, Line C, Olympia,

P & O and Union Cas

By train: the fastest way to get from the Eurostar to Paris and from Paris to Portugal.

Highway – Spain is the only country that has a border with Portugal. The main border posts are already open.

Tax-free products
1. No 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco for smoking in countries outside the European Union.
2. Spirit drink of 1 liter containing more than 22% alcohol, or 2 liters of alcoholic drinks or aperitifs based on wine, less than 22% or sparkling wine or liquors, or proportional mixture

and 2 liters of wine.
3. Perfume up to 50 g and toilet 250 ml.
4. Gifts up to 175 EUR.
5. 500 g of coffee or 100 g of tea or 40 g of tea extract
6. Personal medicines.

Prohibited items

Birds and birds from countries infected by birds, raw products, meat or dairy products, drugs, firearms


Travel tips for European countries: Poland

About County

Poland is one of the past peoples formed around the tenth century, that is, Central Europe, east of Europe, and most of the area is a plane and mountains along the southern border. Warsaw is the capital of Poland, which was completely destroyed during World War II and rebuilt from scratch. The Royal Castle of Warsaw, which was rebuilt after World War II, is a must. The Lazienky Palace should also not be missed, with an outdoor theater and Chopin Monument. Krakow is the second largest city in Poland as a medieval witness. Poland has a great taste of music and theater, so there are many theaters and opera houses. Popular Polish cuisine is Zrazy Zawijane (roast stuffed with mushrooms in sour cream), served with boiled mash (buckwheat) and pork breast.

Population and languages

The Polish population is about 38.5 million, while the official language is Polish.


The voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. The types of plugs used are a round plug with an accessory and a round plug and a receptacle with a male ground plug.

Geographical location

It is located in Central Europe, east of Germany, limiting the Baltic Sea, Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Federal Republic of Germany.


The Polish climate can be called moderate. The winter interior is heavy and the average temperature in Warsaw is 23 ° F (-5 ° C). In summer, the average temperature in summer is about 66 ° F (19 ° C) in July. Precipitation occurs during the year.

Local customs

Hand pressing is a common custom. It is common to put flowers if you go to someone else’s home. The dress is quite conservative, informal and formal for entertainment at night or in a good restaurant. Smoking is prohibited in some public buildings. Tips are from 10 to 15 percent. Restaurants, hotels and taxis.

Places to visit

Warsaw: During World War II the city was completely destroyed and after the war it was completely restored. Popular places of interest include Warsaw History Museum, Lazienki Palace with outdoor theater and Chopin monuments, and Palace of Culture and Science.

Krakow: St. The Church of Mary, the Royal Castle and the Royal Cathedral at the top of Wawel Hill


By Air: The Romanian national airline is LOT Polish Airlines (LO). Many popular airlines flying to Poland are Aeroflot, Air France, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Easyjet, El Al, Lufthansa, Ryanair, SAS and Swiss Air. The largest airport is Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw, which is 6 miles southwest of the city.

Sea-Pol ferries connect Poland with Sweden, Denmark and Finland

By Rail: The Polish State Railways (PSAP) ( manages Eurocity trains from Poland to several major European cities. However, all services from Western Europe to Poland go through the Czech Republic, Germany or the Slovak Republic. The main routes connect Warsaw with Berlin and Cologne, Budapest, Prague and Vienna. There is also a bedroom service from the Dutch border to Poznan / Warsaw.

Duty Free Products
1. Up to 250 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco or 50 cigars for non-European countries.
There are 800 cigarettes or 200 cigars in the EU Member States or 1 kg of smoking tobacco.
3. 1 liter of wine and 1 liter of alcoholic beverages for non-EU countries.
4. EU countries: 10 liters, 90 liters of wine and 110 liters of beer.
5. Perfumes, medicines and cosmetics for personal use.
6. Gifts up to 175 EUR.


Travel tips for European countries: Luxembourg

About the country

One of the smallest sovereign states in Europe is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The northern part of the country is blessed with vegetation and hills. Ardennes offers great panoramic views. The country is small and all tourist attractions are within reach. It is winter in Luxembourg during the winter, but not as cold as the neighboring countries, and summer is warm, which arrives in May and lasts until September. In case of emergency, dial 112 or 113.


Usually a handshake is used to greet people. Although most local people speak English, Letzeburgesch is the national language of Luxembourg. Many Luxembourgish speak French and German as well. When it appears as a guest at someone’s home, it is good practice to give gifts or flowers. People are expected to be dressed in smart casual clothes, but better if they participate in social functions or clubs. Smoking is not recommended in public places.


Villeroy and Boch crystals and porcelain are well known, and Nospelt Clay Ceramics is a product to be purchased in Luxembourg. 15% VAT applies to all items purchased that are not at the campsite, hotels and restaurants that charge 3%. Salary is tax-free.

Places to visit

The capital of Luxembourg is a place. Stay for a day or tea exploring the city. The Viaden village has a castle on a cliff, which is a famous landmark.

Taxis can be rented in the city. 10 am to 6 pm They charge an additional 10% tax, and if they are hired on Sundays, an extra 25% tax will be paid throughout the day.

There are many luxury hotels in Luxembourg, most of which are in Luxembourg City. Other options include a guest house, beautifully decorated with flowers and plants.


The national airline operating here is Luxair. There are flights every hour from London to Luxembourg. Luxembourg Airport is 5 km from the city. There are provisions for, for example, duty-free shops, banks, tourist information, and car hire.
Eurostar provides fast train services from London, Paris, Belgium, France or Brussels to Luxembourg. Reservations can be made by phone, and a £ 5 fee will be charged for phone bookings. Check the suggestions on some routes. To travel internally, you can buy an Inter-Rail edition that offers unlimited train travel to 29 European countries.

When driving on the road, it is recommended to take a train or ferry ride between Dover and Calais. Check for vacancies, especially during peak hours. Drivers must remain on the right hand side while driving, and for safety belts, strict rules for drinking.

Duty Free Products

1. 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco
2. 1 liter of liquor or 2 liters of sparkling wine or 2 liters of alcoholic wine and 2 liters of sparkling wine
3. 50 g of perfume and 250 ml of toilet.
4. 500 grames of coffee and 200 grames of coffee extract.
5. 100 grams of tea and 40 grams of tea extract.
6. Tobacco and alcohol can only be transported to visitors over 17 years of age.


Travel tips for European countries: Ireland

About the country

Summer is warm, and moderate winter and some snow. May and June are the sunniest months. The weather often changes from cloudy to sunny and vice versa. If you are planning a summer visit, it is recommended to wear lightweight wool or cotton clothes and a jacket in spring and autumn. Always use a portable raincoat. Emergency call to 999 or 112.


Most local people speak English here. Normal manual work. The Irish are social people and are useful for chatting live even with strangers. People live very harmoniously and make friends. Foreigners are invited to warm up and feel at home. The guests are never sent to the empty stomach because the food is always served at any time of the day, for the guest. Most of the local people are from agriculture. Dinner is considered an important meal, since it is the time when the whole family gathers and eats. It is possible to dress accidentally when the streets, except for the women, are officially preparing to meet and enjoy the restaurants. Smoking is prohibited in public places.


Many cities, at least once a week, organize refugee markets that are worth reviewing for cheap products. Belfast is the capital of Irish commerce; Most stores open early and early. On Thursdays, stores open up to 8 nights. A value added tax of almost 17% is added, which can be recovered later. Therefore, if visitors buy something in stores, be sure to check if the store has a retail export scheme that requires a seller’s passport and a tax-free form. If there are no fees on the restaurant bill, leave 10 percent. Usually there are tips for braces and hairdressers.


The voltage in Northern Ireland is 240V, 50AC.

I go there

The national airline operating here is Aer Lingus, which provides services in many of the largest cities in the world. Airlines such as Delta Air Lines and many others that offer air fares for advertising have been introduced and promoted. Checking these offers will be a tool to save money. There are many flights from the United Kingdom to Ireland. Dublin Airport is 10 km away from the city. Services such as taxis, air buses and buses take passengers to their destination. The airport has duty free shops, banks, currency exchange, car rental, tourist information and restaurants for a comfortable trip. The Shannon Airport is located north of the city of Limerick and is 24 km and 25 minutes from there. Buses, buses and taxis are sent. Other services provided include duty-free shops, currency exchange, bank, tourist information and restaurants. If you plan to travel, look for other airports such as Cork Airport and Knock Information Airport. Rates of EUR 10 will be charged at the Knock International Airport for people over 12 years of age.

For ferries, check out the ports of Baltimore, Galway, Dublin, Wexford and Kinsale. Most ferries offer fast services. Sometimes there are special offers that can save you money. Check the sites because some of them offer an online order.

Tax-free products

1. 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 g of tobacco
2. 1 litre of spiritual drinks and distilled beverages (more than 22%) or 2l of other alcoholic beverages by an alcohol strength not exceed 22%, including sparkling or fortified wines, plus 2 liters of table wine
3. 50 g of perfume and 250 ml of toilet.

The carrier must be over 17 years old. Sharps, explosives, firearms, food or agricultural products and hay or straw must be provided, as they are strictly prohibited.


Travel tips for European countries: Iceland

About County

Officially known as the Republic of Iceland, it is located in north-western Europe. It consists of the island of Iceland and its small peripheral islands in the North Atlantic, between Greenland, Norway, Scotland, Ireland and the Faroe Islands. Icelandic glass glaciers, hot springs, spectacular geysers, active volcanoes, lava fields, spectacular waterfalls and snow mountains make it an original “edge of fire and ice”.

Iceland is a biggest island with a isolated scenery, solid and colorful, black lava, red sulfur, geysers, rivers, waterfalls, bays, fjords and green valleys. The metropolis of Iceland is Reykjavik, that is also the biggest city in Iceland. Nearly half of Iceland’s population lives around Reykjavik. The city also has popular attractions. The most famous attraction is the double-layered Gullfoss waterfall, which is distinguished by its exceptional rainbow and Geysir terminological waters.

People can wonder what can be done in Iceland. If you’re listening to the list, you’ll be surprised that there is a lot to do and see here. From whale watching to elegant dinners, hiking, the largest glaciers in Europe, Vatnajokull, river fishing, horseback riding, rafting, landscaping on the snow, shopping for clothes, summer solstice festival, visit Grimsey Island to cross the Arctic Circle, visit the medieval farm Stonge and what no, the list is endless.

Population and languages

Iceland’s population is only 299,388 and Icelandic is the official language. It is also widely spoken in English, Northern and German.


The power is 220 Volts and the density is 50 Hertz. A round plug-type plug and plug and socket “Schuko” with side ground contacts are used.

Geographical location

It is located in northwestern Europe. It consists of Iceland Island and its small peripheral islands in the North Atlantic Ocean between Greenland, Norway, Scotland, Ireland and the Faroe Islands. It is strategically located between Greenland and Europe.


Iceland’s climate can be described as moderate with wet and cool summers and mild, windy winters. The highest recorded temperature in 1939 June 22 The cigar horn was 30.5 ° C (86.9 ° F). Grímsstaðir and Möðrudalur 1918 January 22 The lowest recorded temperature was never -38 ° C (-36.4 ° F).

Local customs

Like any other country, Iceland also has its own custom and the usual courtesy. Normal hand pressing. Visitors are invited to the house when they are on a business trip and the usual courtesy must be followed. People look at their appearance and, like most Western countries, informal clothing is widely accepted. Service charges are usually invoiced and there is no advice.

Places to visit
Reykjavik attractions: Hallgrimskirkja Church, National Museum of Iceland, Botanical Gardens and Einar Jónsson Museum


Through Air: Iceland National Air service is Icelandair, that operates in numrous international locations such as Amsterdam, Baltimore, Boston, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Halifax, London, Minneapolis, Orlando, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm and Washington, as well as other destinations. only in the summer. Other international airlines operating from Iceland include Air Greenland ( and Iceland Express (

Other operators, mainly Scandinavian, also provide services. Some airlines, such as Condor and Corsai, operate in summer. During the summer months, flights also go to the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The main airport is Keflavik International Airport (KEF), located 31 km south of Reykjavik.

Duty Free Products
1. two hundreds cigarettes or 250 grames of other tobacco commodities.
2. 1 liter liquid and 1 liter wine or 1 liter liquid and 6 liters of beer; or 1 liter of wine and 6 liters of beer; or 2.25 liters of wine
3. Foods up to 3 kg, not exceeding 13 000 kr.
4. Post and Telecommunications Authorities are required for wireless phones, remote controls, or radio transmitters. This is not necessary on a GSM mobile phone.

Prohibited Items

Tin goods, flesh or dairy products, medicines, bluefilms, rifle,pistol, ammunition, weapons, eggs, plants, endangered species, fireworks and alcoholic beverages containing more than sixty percent of alcohol.


Travel Advice for European Countries: Holland

About the country

Summer is hard here, but winter is hard when there are some snow opportunities. Critics can be expected every month of the year. Dutch is the official language. English, French and German are other languages ??that are widely spoken in English. Call the emergency number 112.


Hand-pressing is the most common form of greeting. Although the tip is not mandatory, it is better to shop for restaurants and taxis. A fallen gift should be taken to the host’s home when he is invited to a meal. Everyday clothes are worn everyday, but people are expected to work in social functions and smart restaurants.


Delft, Makkum and Workum ceramics are a must-buy. It is recommended to use Schoonhoven cutlery, Leerdam crystals and Amsterdam diamonds.

Places to visit

Apenheul Primate Park is the place to visit more than thirty species of mammals. In winter it remains closed. De Hoge Veluwe is the oldest and largest park in the Netherlands. Bicycles can be used to explore the 5500 ha park. Paleis Het Loo is a wonderful palace that is encircle by oasis, open all year round, except for holidays.


230 V and 50 Hz


The Dutch national airline is KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines. It connects to almost all major cities in Europe, North America and Asia. Amsterdam Airport is the center of many international and local flights. It is 15 km from the city and takes 20 minutes by train. KLM offers a bus service every 15-30 minutes and passengers get to some of the most famous hotels in the city. Public buses can also be used to reach the destination. Trains connect Amsterdam Central Station and Zuid Station. Taxis take tourists almost everywhere. The airport has duty free shops, banks, showers, business center, baby rooms and car rental.

Rotterdam Airport and Eindhoven Airport are 8 km from the city. Trains and buses travel to their hotels every 15 minutes. Services such as duty-free shops, restaurants, car rental and internet access are available at such airports. The departure fee does not apply to passengers at any of these airports.

The main seaports are Hook of Holland, Vlissingen and Rotteradm. Stena Line, P&O ferries and DFDS waterways offer ferry services to reach the Netherlands.

If you are traveling by train, Eurostar offers the best service and connects to major European cities. It provides high quality services. Good deals are offered regularly and must be periodically monitored to use them. Unused tickets are easily compensated. The Inter-Rail permit can be purchased for unlimited second-class train travel across 29 European countries.

The 1st-class roads network linked Holland with more European cities. They are well maintained and the signs are stored everywhere. 120 km / h is a speed limitation on highways. There are many car transport agents if they choose to rent a car. Some of them are Avis, Europcar and Budget.

Bicycles are also an important vehicle in the Netherlands and are an integral part of everyday life. Tourists can rent a cycle at the airport or other services.

Duty Free Products

1. 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 cigarettes or 250 g of tobacco
2. 50 g of perfume and 250 ml of toilet.
3. 1 liter of alcohol or 2 liters of sparkling wine or liqueur wines and 2 liters of sparkling wine
4. 500 grames of coffee or 200 grames of coffee extract