How to travel safely in Pakistan

This article is a precaution you can take before you start planning a trip to Pakistan. This is done in the hope that he travels safely and peacefully.

Note the time. Summer time is never good, as the temperature rises to 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) in some parts of the country. The other parts are also too hot to support a person who is not used to warm weather. So plan your winter trip, usually from October to February.

Go to safe areas. In Islamabad, Karachi and Quetta, there are problems. However, it is wise to visit Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and other parts of Punjab.

Never travel alone for safety reasons. Around the world, people can enjoy it if they are alone. Therefore, it is better to travel in a group.

Stay with a trusted parent or a reputable hotel. Remember to stay in a one or 4-5 star class hotel. Those hotels must their own safety, so they are harmless.

Use the necessary medications with you. Before traveling, consult your general practitioner and ask him what medications he would need. Before buying, always check the prices of at least three stores. In Pakistan, people negotiate a lot and you have to be very careful to buy something. Never trust anyone in prices. Always check the prices of other merchants, then buy.

Always ask for a cheaper fair to travel. When you are in Pakistan, you will need a taxi, a rickshaw or a car to travel. Then I suggest asking for lower prices. People usually charge many foreigners; Try to look like your wallet.

Never travel to deserted areas. Security is not always optimal here. Do not visit remote, deserted and arid areas, especially in the afternoon and at night.

Cover yourself (women). In Pakistan, women are not allowed to wear modern dresses to move and move. Although some dare to use what they want, they put themselves in danger! Culture wants women to cover themselves with men’s eyes. Therefore, wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt is not your best choice of dress.

Be careful with the food. You can’t go anywhere to eat. Cook your own food to be sure or go to a reputable restaurant. Pakistani food is excellent, but if you order a dish in a bad shack, your defense against the disease will be better without failures.

Never trust a stranger in any question. In Pakistan, people can hide their identity and try to deceive it. Be careful and be aware at all times.

Avoid online business of any kind. In Pakistan, online businesses are not encrypted. If you need to buy something, buy it at the store; if you want to rent a room, meet people face to face; And if you want to transfer money, go to the bank personally. You can use an ATM card, but with extreme caution and vigilance, for added security.

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