How to go to Maldives

Maldives is an Indian Ocean archipelago composed of 1,190 islands, of which 200 are inhabited. It is a popular holiday and honeymoon destination, and is well known for its turquoise waters and pristine beaches. When traveling to the Maldives, choose to stay on a tourist island for a relaxing and picturesque experience, or visit some of the islands populated by the Maldives for a cheaper vacation option. From diving with abundant marine life to jumping on the islands, there is much to do and enjoy

Book a flight

Visit the Maldives from November to April to know the best weather. These months are the dry season in the Maldives, which means that the risks of rain that interrupt your afternoon at the beach are much less than during the rainy season. Expect to pay more for accommodation and more people, as these are the most popular months to travel here.

Organize from May to October in cheaper accommodation.

 If you are looking for a little cheaper accommodation and it does not rain, book your trip during the rainy months. It is also a good time to travel if you prefer a less crowded holiday, since the Maldives high season runs from November to April.

During the rainy season, it generally falls from 13 to 25 cm (5 to 10 inches) of precipitation monthly. Mornings are usually strong, followed by overcast afternoons.

Get a valid passport. If you don’t have one yet, complete a passport application several months before your trip. When you book your flight to Maldives, a 30-day visa will be automatically issued. If you wish, you can extend this period to a 90-day visa, according to your travel plans.

If your passport expires within six months of your travel date, you must renew your passport before leaving.

Search and book your flight several months in advance. Flying directly from the United States to Male (the capital of the Maldives) is very expensive, with tickets ranging from $ 1,300 to $ 2,000 per ticket (some airlines offer fares up to $ 6,000). Most travelers go to the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Male.

Prepare for a long flight and prepare a hand luggage. It is a good idea to pack a bag with some type of entertainment, such as a book, a magazine or an electronic device with downloaded movies or TV episodes. You can also pack a change of clothes, a deodorant and a toothbrush to keep cool during your flight.

Lodging reservation

Choose a tourist island to enjoy a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. If you just want a place to relax and enjoy its beautiful surroundings, there are around 105 resorts to choose from, each located on your own island. Many of these resorts include breakfast and many also offer dinner packages.

Since Maldives is a completely Muslim country, you will not be able to find alcohol on non-tourist islands. In addition, beaches located on islands that are not tourist centers often reject bikinis and these islands do not allow public manifestations of affection or homosexuality.

Book your accommodation in advance if you want to stay in a complex. Several months before your trip, take the time to check the different stations to find the one that suits your tastes and desires. There are resorts with golf courses, private villas, lagoons, extensive beaches and many other luxury accommodations. The stations fill up quickly, especially during the dry season, so book your accommodation as soon as you know the dates of your trip.

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