South Africa

South Africa

How to enjoy your holiday in South Africa

South Africa is by far one of the world’s favorite vacation destinations. The country offers a wide variety of scenic sites and wonders, scented by the diversity of many ethnic cultures. A land of tradition and history in the middle of a very cosmopolitan society and golden sunsets. English is spoken throughout the country and communication with the locals becomes an additional advantage, which makes your stay as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Convert your currency to South African rand. Although foreigners can use traveler’s checks or US dollars, the transaction becomes much easier when paying in South African rand. This can easily be done at your convenience before leaving and can also be done at one of the many international and domestic airports. Many currency banks are also available in major urban centers. Ask the information office for advice if you encounter difficulties. Most hotels and hostels accept credit cards or international travel cards.

Hire a private guide if you can. Most hotels will provide you with a well-known tourist and taxi guide to show you the city and other interesting places to visit. You can also use the city’s bus services, provided you carry a map and know where you want to go. It is easy to ask for instructions since most people will communicate in English.

Meet the locals and discover the novelty of true warmth and hospitality. The ethnic diversity of the country is a source of interest and enchanting mystery. Depending on where to choose to stay, people are of a mixed mix. You will probably meet the different ethnic groups that live and work together.

Capture the charm of the splendor of the mountain within the country. The extreme interior and the extreme north are dotted with scattered mountainous territory and a valley with a thousand hills. Natural game parks and ecovillages / parks are also found in the interior of the country. Big 5, rhinos, lions, buffalo, giraffes, etc. It can be seen in abundance in all natural reserves.

Dress appropriately according to seasonal weather. South Africa is experiencing a cold and cold winter from the end of April until the first week of August. Temperatures in and around Cape Town can vary from 3 to 5 degrees at night and reach around 10 to 11 degrees during the day. Mountain winds can be icy in the Cape province, so be sure to dress warmly during your winter visit. Regions throughout the north of the country, such as Durban, extend much further north and winter is quite warm. Be sure to dress appropriately to make your stay comfortable.

Visit the many impressive botanical gardens located near each city or town. These gardens house a splendor of native trees and flowers endemic to the climate and South African conditions. Discover the calm and tranquility in the midst of this natural beauty and fear. These gardens are easily accessible by taxi or public transport. Coffee and snacks are also available in the gardens at an affordable price.

Choose an economical airline to travel. South African Airways is a member of the Star Alliance group and accredits you on your miles. However, most other airlines fly daily to the main international airports in South Africa. These include Air Emirates, Etihad Airlines (Abu Dhabi), Egypt Air, Ethiopian Airlines, Air France and a choice of many other airlines that travel regularly in the country.

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