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How to make a plan for visit to the United States

The United States of America is one of the largest, most reputed and most ethnically diverse countries in the world. For most rookie visitors from other parts of the world, many of his impressions may have been fueled by Hollywood movies and what he hears in the news, but the United States he knows can be very different from the point of view of a movie. foreign traveler Here we show you how to prepare for a trip to the United States.

Understand to what extent the United States is geographically vast. Although you may think that you can visit New York in the morning and go to Los Angeles for dinner, the truth is that the United States is a vast country with two coasts separated by thousands of kilometers. Modern air travel has dramatically reduced the time needed to travel from one city to another, but very few major cities are within easy reach (or even by car) of each other.

Respect cultural, ethnic and racial diversities. One of the most unique aspects of the United States is the number of people from different backgrounds who live together in a unified society. Learn about the different types of people you will know and respect their differences.

Do not consider any misconceptions you may have. Yes, unfortunately crime is something to deal with (worse in some places and much less problematic for others), but the chances are extremely slim for you to find problems if you know what you are doing and use your common sense. In addition, any political assumption you may have may be wrong. Most people are honest, tolerant and accept all kinds of values.

Plan accordingly for the weather. Unlike countries with a year-round climate, the United States hosts cities of all types of weather, cold or snowy, humid or tropical. Unless you travel to more than one state during your visit, you are likely to face slightly different weather conditions and daily temperatures. Otherwise, you must bring appropriate clothing and warm clothes.

Examine your local transportation options. Some cities, such as New York City, have public transportation options that allow you to move without a car. However, in other places, such as Los Angeles or smaller rural areas, it is more difficult to use public transportation to get where you want to go. Depending on where you call your home, you may not be used to it.

Many cities are between these two extremes, as you can use public transportation for some, but not all, of your travel plans. Plan accordingly, depending on where you visit it.

Use car sharing applications like Uber and Lyft if you simply need a car lift several times during your stay. If you have to use a car more frequently, it may be better to rent one.

Make the most of your trip With so much to explore and experience, the United States is a great destination for business or pleasure; and most foreign visitors will be pleasantly surprised.

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