New Zealand

New Zealand

Travel to New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic country. You will discover that the rain is not boring and that, if you follow your instinct instead of the advice of the travel guide, you will discover the most interesting side of life in New Zealand.

Travel with the sun in your heart. New Zealanders are good people and they will talk to you. Take the time to talk with them and get to know the most interesting places to visit. They will talk about things about which the guide has no idea.

Find the internet. When you are in a small town, you can go to the library. There you will find internet access. However, your time will be limited and it is not always free. New Zealand is catching up with free internet access via wi-fi for tourists and is now available in shopping centers, streets, parks and reserves, restaurants and coffee shops, as well as in some stores. Check your device to see if there are networks that you can access, sometimes you will be surprised … but you may be disappointed if you participate in Wop Wops. Service improvements are being discussed and coverage improves every day.

Have fun even if it’s raining (and it’s almost inevitable in parts of New Zealand), look for indoor activities. Many cities have museums, activity centers, children’s entertainment, etc. Outdoor activities are often organized indoors, such as climbing. There are excellent facilities for visitors near areas where it rains a lot, especially near Franz Josef and Fox glaciers. New Zealanders, or Kiwis, know how to make the most of the situation and are aware that rain can spoil a tourist’s visit . Therefore, they proposed many alternatives. The west coast of the South Island has a terrible reputation for being rainy, but it can be glorious. Get ready to try your luck.


“Get out early in the jungle to listen to the birds, it’s worth watching the chorus of dawn in New Zealand and it’s totally free!”

New Zealand resident

Visit Wellington to enjoy a vibrant nightlife that blurs the boundaries between night and day. Courtenay Place and Cuba Path are decent places to hang out. Follow the interesting people; And once again, start a conversation to discover more great places to visit and perhaps discover other events.

Keep your sense of humor in all kinds of situations. When it rains, when you have the impression that you can no longer find yourself in front of another RV, when the sun refuses to put your activities outdoors, smile, wear a raincoat and enjoy one of the most green and green in the world with some of the friendliest people!

Visit the reservations. The reserves are outdoor areas where native plants and wildlife are managed or where there are gardens and sports fields. Nature reserves are the most interesting with things like flora and fauna, landscapes, caves, waterfalls, sites of historical interest, etc., to be amazed, all totally free! Usually with free parking and public services.

“The unclassified tracks of the Department of Conservation in several days are still free to walk, some are 30 minutes or less! There is always something to see and the routes are well signposted with good parking and public services often. The signs they will inform you about the terrain and the length of the trail, so you can decide if everyone in your group wants to try it. ”

Eat local specialties. White Bait Donuts, Feijoa and, of course, kiwis are produced in New Zealand and are excellent value for money. You can even catch or choose yours.

Do not limit yourself to the South Island or the North Island. Visit both if possible. You do not have to fly, there is a ferry service. Remember that beautiful sunsets are completely free!

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