How to travel to Canada on a budget

Canada is considered one of the friendliest countries in the world and for the smart traveler it is also economical! Planning your trip to Canada is simple and fun, and even if your budget is tight, you can spend time in the big cities, enjoy the outdoors and discover the unique culture of the country.


Choose to drive if you have a car. Driving is 1 of the inexpensive and coolest methods to get around Canada. If you live near Canada, you can drive your own car to customs and border control, or you can rent a car. Renting a car is more expensive, but it’s worth it if you travel long distances.

If you choose to drive in Canada, try to get gasoline from aboriginal reserves because it tends to be cheaper. Reserves are subject to lower taxes, which reduces the overall price of gasoline. First Nations bookings are marked with signs or you can put them on a map.

Take the city bus to town. As in the USA In the United States, Canada has a mega-bus system that operates throughout the country and also stops in cities along the US border. UU. You can travel from Toronto to Montreal and tickets are extremely cheap, especially if booked in advance.

Fly to Canada with an economical airline. Airlines like Flair and WOW offer low cost flights to the United States. UU. And Canada among the big cities for about $ 100. Since they are cheap airlines, they do not include things like checked baggage, but it’s a great option for light travelers who need a cheap way to get to Canada.

If you do not live near a big city, consider going to the nearest major airport to save on the cost of an extra flight.

Selection of your accommodation

Use services to share at home like Airbnb. These are very popular and economical ways to spend the night in many big cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa. Look for shared rooms instead of whole houses because sharing space tends to be less expensive.

Camp in one of the beautiful camps in the spring and summer. Camping is extremely economical and there are many places to set up your tent in Canada. Some places require you to present a permit and a small fee to use the camps. Be sure to check the grounds website in advance. [9]

Stay in shelters if you need a cheap place without luxury to rest. Youth hostels abound in popular areas of Canada, including Montreal, Ottawa, Banff and Vancouver. Most hostels have shared bathrooms and kitchens and could also have shared rooms. To find a hostel, you can search for “Hostels in ____” and get the contact and booking information. [10]

The price of the hostel will vary according to the place and the time of the year. In low season, you can do good business in youth hostels, even in the city center. Remember, in cities like Vancouver, where winter is popular, the low season is summer.


Make free walking tours of major cities. Canada is an extremely historic country and most cities offer free tours of downtown and historically important areas. Sometimes new companies offer coupons in these apps so people can try their product. Watch for new fun experiences that may not be featured in popular travel blogs yet!


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