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How to visit Thailand

Thailand! An ideal base for exploring South East Asia, whether on a vacation package or a long hiking trip. There are so many places and everyone, from single to single families, should visit this great country. Excellent facilities, efficient transportation, excellent restaurants and fascinating natural destinations make Thailand an extremely fun and exotic vacation.

It is worth staying at least two days in Bangkok, the bustling capital. If you have a limited budget, stay on Khao San Road for the cheapest hotels.

See famous and interesting places! If you go to tourist areas, avoid expensive items and crooks. Beware of tuktuks: small red taxis with open windows. Negotiate a price before entering!

To go to the beach! Enjoy the sun and tan! Try to venture to the great beaches of Thailand: Krabi, Patong and many others. Your hotel can give you good advice and organize tours. Koh Samui is another fantastic island: Llamai Beach for nightlife and Maenam for quiet and enjoyable moments with your loved ones.

Visit the Phi-Phi Islands and James Bond. A great day!

Watch the Thai culture show Fantasea. A great show with beautiful dances and excellent cuisine! It is a must in Phuket! A ++++ !!!!

Discover the nightlife. If you like nightlife and like to enjoy, Patong Beach is the perfect place. Bangla Road is an excellent choice of bars and discos, but be careful with these girls from the bar! Some will try to rip you off and treat you long after your visit! If you’re looking for a quieter nightlife, try places like Krabi Islands or Phi Phi.

Quad riding is a big day. Driving on auto-controlled quads across mountains gives you a feeling you never thought possible. A driver and a passenger can ride a bike, so it’s a great day for the whole family!

See the sacred statue of the Big Buddha and see the sights in Phuket.

Relax and dine in the many restaurants and places to enjoy great food. The Tiger Restaurant is a good place in Patong Phuket. Go out and do not be afraid to try new places!

Corn and pancakes are made and sold fresh in the streets. The pancakes are delicious with over 20 varieties! And at such a low price, as low as 25 baht! The pancakes with chocolate melted banana are the best!

Buy, buy, buy! But beware, some sellers are trying to charge more, so take out your business boots and wear them!

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