Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

The best places to visit in Sri Lanka

The small tear-shaped island in the Indian Ocean has become the last point of access for tourists. After the end of the 30-year civil war and the lifting of all warnings to travelers, tourists are eager to visit the exotic island of Sri Lanka. The friendly and hospitable people of Sri Lanka, in turn, with their hands together and the word “Ayobowan” on their lips, are ready to make their vacations unforgettable.

In Sri Lanka, tourism can be divided into three categories. Beaches, cities of cultural, historical and religious importance, not forgetting the nature reserves. Do not be fooled by the size of the country. The small island is rich in places to visit from these three categories. Join me as I discover the wonders of Sri Lanka.

The busiest city of Colombo is the prime in Sri Lanka. It is an hour’s drive from Bandarnaike International Airport. Colombo, like other metropolises, is a center of activities. There are many places to visit. As a coastal city, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and the crowds that go to the Galle Face greens at night. If you are looking for deserted beaches, you can go to other places, which will be on my list later. In addition to this, you can visit the National Museum, the National Zoological Gardens and the Independence Square, which was built to mark the liberation of Sri Lanka from the British. You can buy your heart in Majestic City, Liberty Plaza or Odel. It is easy to get around the city, with buses, radio taxis and auto-rickshaws called locally tuk-tuks, easily available.

Another very important aspect of Nuwara Eliya is that it is one of the most important cities in tea production. So get ready to see endless expanses of tea plantations on both sides as you approach Nuwara Eliya. Don’t forget to visit one of the many tea factories scattered along the way, such as the Labukele tea plantation.

With regard to tourist destinations, Nuwara Eliya has many. For those who know the Ramayana Hindu mythological epic, the “Seetha Kovil” or the temple of Sita would be a place of interest. Legend has it that King Ravana of Sri Lanka kidnapped Queen Sita from her kingdom in northern India and took her to Sri Lanka. It is believed that it is here, where this temple is, where it has been kept. There is also a giant foot mark, which is supposed to be Lord Hanuman. Even the worst believers will experience a strange and strange sensation invading them as they observe the green and foggy hills, wondering what has witnessed the whole place for so many centuries.

Another place to visit in Sri Lanka is the summit of Adam, a 2,243 m mountain located near the southern tip of the central highlands. The most amazing thing about this mountain is that it teaches us the unity of religions. It is revered by people of all religions. The mountain is also called “Sri Pada” or “sacred footprint”, which refers to the footprint on the top of the mountain. Buddhists believe that this is the mark of the Lord Buddha, the Hindus believe that it is the mark of Lord Shiva, it is the mark of Saint Thomas for Christians and for Muslims. The imprint of Adam, the first man.

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