How to travel alone in China


How to travel alone in China

China is a very safe place to travel independently, but to make it easier, suggestions on where to stay, how to travel and other tips will help you make the most of your trip.

Do not get lost

Always take a business card from your home. No matter where you are, a taxi will take you there when you show the card.

Find a place to stay

Remember that you can always find cheap accommodation near bus and train stations. If you are a backpacker who just wants a place to leave his backpack and sleep at night, you will find that most accommodations near the bus and train stations will be quite adequate.

Know where the bus stations are. Most places, depending on their size, may have at least two bus stations. The travel guides in China are too heavy to wear; However, the most useful information they contain is the one where the bus stations are. So you can look in hostels for someone who has a travel diary and copy what they need to know for your next destination. Ask someone to write it in Chinese to show the taxi driver if necessary.


When you arrive at a bus or train station and wonder which window to use, look for a security guard. They will not understand you, but they will take you to an anglophone.

If you pass by the same bus station as you arrived, take a picture. Taxi drivers and locals will recognize him.

Keep in mind that Zhongshan Lu (Road) is a very common name used as the main road in many Chinese cities. Zhongshan is the family name of Sun-Yat-sen, the establishing father of current China..

Look around a local bus. A cheaper and easier way to see any city is to take a local bus. When you arrive at your depot, go down and look for another one if there are others or return on your bus to return to your boarding point If you see something interesting along the way, you can leave for the return. The cost of the bus ride is often written outside the bus near the door or on the machine where you put money. If you have a driver, guess. Usually, it’s not more than 3 years old.

Buy a local card at bus stations. Even if they do not have English, they can be useful. Discard leaving each city. Maintaining some of them may soon add weight to your backpack. Have some drink supplies. When traveling by train, have a cup of coffee / tea, etc. They provide hot water in every car. The instant noodle vats are a popular snack. Hot water is also available at the bus and train stations.

Other useful things to know

Know where the supplies are. In the cities, many shops will have a food court on the top floor. Most of them are points and types of purchase, so it’s easy to order them and you know what you’re getting. Some sell tickets at the door. You deliver the tickets to the seller and what you do not use, you will be refunded when you leave.

Some restaurants will locate you and give you a map with the number of the table. This is shown to the seller, they write the price and their food choice is delivered to their table. You pay when you leave.

Stay safe Traveling in China is very safe, but watch out for pickpockets and thieves. In general, you will find that people are very friendly and helpful.

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