How to visit Japan


How to visit Japan

Japan is a popular tourist destination, rich in beautiful landscapes, delicious food and unique culture. Whether you visit for a few days or weeks, there is plenty to see and experience, from beautiful mountains and temples to delicious miso and rice soups. Plan your trip looking for information on hotels, train tickets or site visits to make sure your trip runs smoothly. Take the time to learn about Japanese culture and traditions to make sure you are a respectful traveler.

Choose places to visit

Take a tour of Tokyo in food and shopping. Tokyo is considered the main center and metropolis of Japan. Visit traditional teahouses, noodle shops and hostess bars for a culinary experience. Head to the main shopping centers in Tokyo to find unique fashion, toys and souvenirs. [one]

Cut your tour of Tokyo by region, such as Asakusa to the northeast, Tsukiji fish market in central Tokyo, temples and shrines to the west and Roppongi to the east for shops and museums. Spend a few days exploring each neighborhood, using public transportation or a car to visit each neighborhood in the city.

Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku are other places to shop in Tokyo.

World traveler and backpacker

If you have a limited budget, look for discounted meals at night. An experienced traveler, Lorenzo Garriga, said: “A good way to save money in Japan is to go to supermarkets around 5:30 or 6:00 am In Japan, supermarkets have to discard any fresh produce that is not sold to At the end of the day, they would rather sell cheap items than throw them away, so they will come and offer them at a discount. You can buy fish, meat and even sushi up to 50% or even 70%.% discount. ”

Go skiing or snowboarding in the Japanese Alps. The center of Honshu, Japan, is covered with dusty mountains for skiing or snowboarding. It similarly has superb opinions and hot springs. Visit this area for something a little different, especially if you are a winter sports enthusiast.

You can also stay at a mountain resort in this region and take a winter hike.

Visit Hiroshima for a historical experience. Visit the atomic bombing site during World War II for more information on the tragic event. There is a museum with detailed information about the bombings and tributes to the victims of the attack.

Go to Kyoto to see the shrines, temples and gardens. Kyoto is a great popular city considered the homeland of traditional Japan. It contains beautiful gardens and palaces dating from the imperial court, as well as shrines and traditional temples.

Make your trip easy and enjoyable

If you visit Japan in winter, go down some of the famous Japanese mountains or ice skating on the world’s largest outdoor track in White Sacas.

Buy a plane ticket well in advance, if possible. Start looking for plane tickets to Japan at least 3 months in advance at the best prices. Compare the prices of different airlines to find the best option and make sure you book your return flight.

If your flight requires a stopover, make sure you have enough time between flights to reach your correspondence.

Rent a guide service for holy places or holy places, if you wish. You can organize guided tours to certain areas or sites before leaving, or organize them upon arrival. A guide can be useful for visits to shrines, temples and sacred places where you cannot understand traditions or customs. Look for free guides or group visits organized by volunteers in the main sites or areas.

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